What the f*ck. You're gone.

What the f*ck. You're gone.

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Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper. A statement in any room, these puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper that yields brilliant prints to brighten up any room. Blacks print as a deep rich black (something I’m personally picky about and love in these prints)!

• Size Options: 8”x10”, 12”x16”, 12”x18”
• Digitally Printed on Enhanced Matte Poster Paper
• Art Print only, frame not included
• Flat Fee Shipping—$5 to U.S. or $12 International
• Art arrives in a no-frills cardboard poster tube with recyclable plastic ends
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About the art

The Artwork:
When she would give me pieces of her art, I would always tell Alice “I have to keep this... it’s going to be worth a lot someday.” She was the type of person and artist that most of us aspire to be like. Who 100% would have become famous. The funniest person I’ve ever met. Hands down. Thoughtful, meticulous crafter that made work to confront real issues. Fearless as fuck. I always told her she was my favorite artist. She still is.

I was shocked when I found out that she was gone. Last I knew her cancer was stable and she was sounding optimistic. So I was too. And then I let time go by. Too much time. Caught up in work. A tough client. Trying to manage too much. My own anxiety and depression. All got in the way of me being aware. Realizing that she regressed and kept it quiet was the extra kick in the stomach after the punch in the face of learning that she was gone. That was it. Never got to say goodbye. Because I got caught up in everyday life. Shit that doesn’t matter. Things I don’t actually even care about.

Alice had just graduated from MICA with an MFA. She was doing artist residencies, teaching, exhibitions, all of it. She had found her purpose, her gift. And she was giving it to the world in so many ways. And then she was gone. So few people figure out what their purpose is at such a young age, let alone act on it. Give it freely. What the fuck?? God? Mother Nature? Whatever the hell is out there... universe, why would you do this?

After that initial shock wore off, I started noticing synchronicities in my life. A synchronicity is when you see something, like noticing a “sign” and you understand the context of it immediately. It feels almost like something led you to seeing it. It’s bizarre and hard to believe when it first starts happening. But it feels undeniable enough that you listen.

This is when my grief and anger started sparking curiosity about what the fuck is actually happening in this life. Her death broke me down. Broke my heart. And opened me up.

You can see Alice’s work on her website: alicegadzinski.com

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